Natasha Ragsdale is an American expat with five cats, a hedgehog, and a husband, who all live on the island of Okinawa, in a formidable yellow house overlooking the East China Sea. For now. Natasha’s not-so-normal life began in Prescott, AZ where she became an actress & director. From there: Utah Shakespearean Festival as a teenager, then the London Stage, NYC & Broadway, TV & Film.  She hopes to, one day, own a monkey and give it business cards to hand out. Then she will know she has made it. She is a prolific fine artist who has sold her paintings and pottery internationally.  Writing is a special way of experiencing the stories she lives. And living other people’s stories. Natasha IS the stories she writes. Other than that she is also a soccer hooligan, zombie aficionado, daydreamer, cook, avid snark, wine enthusiast, walking ameteur serial killer database, IBS survivor, sailor, wanna-be-mermaid and gypsy. She is survived by her family and her friends, not because she is dead but because they are fantastic people for surviving life with her in it.