To All The Naked Women

I never miss a chance to lay in water with my tits out!


The thing about nudity

Is that you have to like it on yourself

Before you can really appreciate it elsewhere.

That’s what Japanese onsens have taught me.

I like my tits.

In Kenya a gaggle of middle aged women crowded around me

“90 degrees!!!!” They exclaimed!

My boobies


Were perfectly angled.

Jehovah! I was perky!

I see a woman,

Large and rolly,

Wrapped in middle-america biscuits without enough gravy

She does what she can, you know

She gets by.

Her life is full of all the things that her Pintrest can tell her to do

And sometimes,


In the latest of lates at the nightest of nights

She cries onto her butterballed breasts

And she slogs off to send a naked selfie

To that lover she knew when she was a Pretty Thing of 20

And I can do nothing to help her.

I can only cry for her and tell her of her beauty. For she has beauty.

I can do nothing to assuage what society has made her, in her own mind.

Nothing but lay here in the water and wish

Just wish

That she had it in her to be as happy as I.

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  1. Cameron G Rose
    | Reply

    I frequented a nude beach near my college. After telling a HS pal about it she blanched saying “OMG goes everyone there have just perfect bodies?” I laughed. Far from it. I saw flabby butts, wrinkled stomach, women who had breast cancer and now only had one breast.

    Then I realized I was FAR more self-conscious on a clothed beach. Because a clothed beach is truly where you go to show off your body. Nude beaches are for people who are “yeah this is me…whatever”.

    • admin
      | Reply

      I agree 100% I LOVED my times on the nude and topless beaches in the South of France! It was actually the one place where no one hits on you. Except sometimes dumb American tourists. But I always feel more comfortable naked than in a bathing suit. That is why I love my Japanese bathhouses!

  2. Casey
    | Reply

    Natasha you have known me longer any of my 99% of my fb pals and with that, can understand what my life has been like being huskier than most and man boobies. It took my entire life to finally be ok with my body and doing the best I can to make it better despite all the other shit that one goes through in this life. And I can say I’ve been through more than many others. I remember the day, about a year ago, after all the sticky notes of encouragement on my bathroom mirror, after all the deep conversations with myself trying to find a way to love who I am. I finally do!! I may not love my body, but I do like more than ever, and I own it! but it is only one part of me, an important part of course (And your boobies are tops btw!! Your man is of the luckiest in the world!!) I guess my point is that we all find love in so many different ways, spiritual, emotional knowledge, and physically. I happen to love the extra that comes with a beautiful woman and I find it super sexy (speaking of whom you are talking about). And I send hope across the ocean to the one you are talking about that someday she will love herself enough to send those selfies with purpose and not out of desperation. Not everyone is blessed with the most beautiful tits in the world. Nor a body that can put you on the cover of any magazine. But we are blessed with free will and that means we have the capacity to find a way to let ourselves adore who we are, because if who can love who we are inside and share that, than there are no need for tearing over those soggy biscuits or man tits. Everyone has been taught to be superficial, everyone has a choice not to be. I’ve learned how to jump of a bridge. It doesn’t mean I have to. Love you and this article!!!

    • admin
      | Reply

      I love you and all that you are.

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