On Wilder, Death and the Anxiety Whore

The struggle is real.

Warning: A Small Rant Will Ensue Below I recently received some comments from a friend of mine in regards to my emotional response to the sudden death of Gene Wilder and they made me cranky. It went something like this: Friend: We all die. Me: Great. Thanks for the buzzkill. Friend: Well it is true… Continue reading On Wilder, Death and the Anxiety Whore

Just Hangin’ With A Bunch of Caspers On Obon

Last night I was told I was officially an Okinawan. By my neighbor, Mika, who was, at the time, getting nice and drunk on the beer that I give out during every Obon Festival in my neighborhood. I think it was something to do with how long I have been in the village of Kitanakagusuku… Continue reading Just Hangin’ With A Bunch of Caspers On Obon

A Word or Two on Therapy. And Utah Shakespearean Festival.

I have come to the conclusion that I have a general dislike for people. Only excepting that I am a humanitarian and have a fierce devotion to people. What the bleeding hell is wrong with me? Ok maybe it is more like I have a disdain for ignorance and cruelty, which the human race has… Continue reading A Word or Two on Therapy. And Utah Shakespearean Festival.

A Rare Kind of Love

As I write she lays there, pressing her feet against my ass, eyes closed, on her back with all her most vulnerable parts exposed. I imagine her saying “I want you to paint me like your French girls, Jack,” because I tend to think in quips and memes and hashtags that make me laugh and… Continue reading A Rare Kind of Love

Careful. This Plate Is Hot.

I could feel the heinous bitch vibes before we even pulled around the corner. Women have a sixth sense about these things. It might actually be one of our many supernatural abilities, to know when someone who loathes you is near. My husband and I wanted some Tex-Mex, and surprisingly, you can find decent Tex-Mex… Continue reading Careful. This Plate Is Hot.

The Comedy of Website-Making

As I sit in my studio, shoulders hunched over my laptop like some sort of Quasimodo of the interwebs, I am looking back at this last week or so, having literally wiped the sleep from my eyes, took a piss and started working with my magnificent web designer for 8-10 hours straight, everyday, to achieve… Continue reading The Comedy of Website-Making

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Writing, writing, writing

I literally rolled out of bed and went to work today. The website is in the works, but evidently I have champagne tastes for beer budgets. Took several hours to sort out the excess I don’t need. I have the BEST, most patient web designer in my dear friend Ema and am so grateful. And… Continue reading Writing, writing, writing

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Hello world

Today is amazing. After 15 years of not owning my name, after having to change my name as an actress in London, after not OWNING ME, with the help of my beautiful loves Jason and Ema I am now in full possession of all NatashaRagsdale domain names. Well the major ones. I truly wept. My… Continue reading Hello world

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