The Comedy of Website-Making

13659134_10154341594144766_2138519202607929034_nAs I sit in my studio, shoulders hunched over my laptop like some sort of Quasimodo of the interwebs, I am looking back at this last week or so, having literally wiped the sleep from my eyes, took a piss and started working with my magnificent web designer for 8-10 hours straight, everyday, to achieve the creation of this small monster, this Frankenstein of my ego, this dominion of Tashie, I have to laugh at myself. Really laugh. I haven’t worked this hard since the last play I did, which was, incidentally, Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors.” Fitting I guess. Because at many times the whole thing seemed to be a madcap comedy starring Ema (my dear friend and designer) and myself as the stars, struggling through the plot and going off on tangents about food and travel and the past.13615514_10154341594149766_8669445558381446667_nWe had an incredible, zany supporting cast including my friend Cray-Rae, who mostly just got drunk and raided my fridge whilst giving me a sleepy thumbs up from time to time with profound wisdom that only she really understood, and Jina, my Korean, staying in my guest room. With her cat. And her infectious laugh, loads of glitter and so many hugs and “I love yous” and “I am so proud of yous!” that I quite possibly have a cavity now. We had the Mamasan and her minion (my housekeeper and her maid) who had many opinions about everything, including the motley crew of weirdos living in my house at the moment. Jason was sort of more like the producer. Behind the scenes but always there to fix things and make things work.

Now I have always wanted a website of my very own, for various reasons and I have gone through 10 years of begging friends to help, being ripped off by wackos (that’s total professional computer lingo there) and nothing coming of it. Well except that one time a guy tried to blackmail me, saying he was going to take my domain name and use it to slander me all over the web. I don’t react to this stuff like a normal person and thus I rained hellfire, called his bluff and soon, I was told through the grapevine, that he was placed in a mental ward for a bit. So, basically, not had the worlds greatest experience with this particular dream.

How happy was I for my Comedy of Website? Happy as Larry. That’s a British term. I don’t totally understand who Larry is and what made him so happy but there we are. So happy that I gathered my Korean and my girl Laura and we all went out to sing karaoke in the sticky, wet tropical Okinawa night. And drink. Lots of drinking. And lots of toasting.


I suppose I should make some sort of mission statement or say something profound now. Honestly at the moment all I am thinking about is brunch. SO I am gonna go do that. Celebrate with Jason, my husband. And Come back to you all when the fog clears. But lest I forget to say it later, welcome to my website. I will do my best to entertain you, converse with you, meet you, inspire you and care about you. There is a contact page and I will read what you have to say. You can also comment on anything you want. Let’s begin a creative dialogue. Let’s share and create together. Let’s, as my dad would say, leave this campsite better than we found it and make a difference.


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